Obama: our president elect!!

why is everyone so upset that Obama is our next president? Is it because he is half black and some people are racist or is it because of his ideas? I am 18 and voted for the first time yesterday and like the majority or African Americans and minorities, I voted for him and I am glad to see him coming to the white house as someone that identifies with the african american population.

Answer #1

amblessed, let it go… I mean what’s the point in distorting the truth? he won, you’re stuck with him for the next 4 years, what’s lying going to accomplish now? it obviously didnt work in not getting him elected…

Answer #2

boy the idiots are really coming out of the woodwork. I thought most of the knuckledraggers would crawl under their rocks, but here they are still lying their asses off.

Answer #3

Where I’m at, everyone is happy and excited that he won..so I couldn’t tell ya.

Answer #4

I wonder the same thing!!

Answer #5

I say some are racist and some are ideas.. Such as his idea to take away fire arms. And also that from what I heard on the news that cuba was giving him money to help his cause… It makes things odd that cuba was financing him and he wants our weapons, Plus raise ammo by 500%. So… Yeah I guess if his laws go through barly anyone will beable to afford a gun for sport or home defence if we even can get guns anymore.

Answer #6

I examined his policies and the things he stated and they scared me to death, especially denying a new-born medical treatment - because it had been labeled for abortion - here’s his chance at ‘Change’ - we’ll see if it’s positive or negative.

Answer #7

Yes, we will see amblessed.

61% of whites voted for Obama.

Nuff’ said.

Answer #8

Upset? Really? Pretty much everyone I’ve seen is really happy about Obama being president.

Answer #9

Who are ALL these people who are upset?? I didn’t vote for him, and I’m not upset…He won by landslide, so WTF are you talking about??

Well, actually a friend told me her Pug was upset and had peed on the bedroom carpet twice since last night…:)


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