I Hate His ex Girlfriend

My Boyfriend has just told me that whilst I was on holiday he had sex with his ex girlfriend but he said he would never do it again and regrets and wished he didnt do itt but I dont understand why did he do it !!

Answer #1

You should leave him. I’m sorry if he loved you, he would not have cheated on you at all. You shouldn’t be worried about him, because he was not worried about you while he couldn’t keep his d*ck in his pants.

If you stay with him, you are telling him that it is okay for him to cheat, and to walk all over you.

Answer #2

You don’t hate him for this?

He’s still wants her? He didn’t think you would care? Just because he could?

Life lesson: Once a cheater, Always a cheater.

Believe me on that.

Answer #3

Some people do crazy things and dont’ even think about what there doing till after its done. Cause there head is so in the game, that they dont think about anything. What he did was wrong, and shaddy. You should sit down with him and talk to him about it asking him Why did he have sex with her? -Another reason is maybe he was in the mood of having sexual intercorse and you weren’t there. Just sit down with him and see what he says, then tell him how you feel. Good Luck, && sorry about that sweety. Hope I helped

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