Hope you got over your ex-girlfriend...

I don’t think age in itself was the issue - it seems there were differences in current lifestyle choices. Sure, many women at her age don’t have everything figured out already but, some are definitely on the right track and can also be sexy and beautiful. Maybe a similar woman with ambition, realistic goals for her future, similar values as yourself would work out better. If she didn’t have her life together…what was she offering you? attention? I think both people need to contribute towards the same relationship goals in order for it to work. If she has shut you out, then I think that is a clear sign that the fantasy relationship was over and to move on. Why waste your time caring for someone who is done. The excitement and energy you felt with this relationship should be geared towards the excitement of finding someone new…and even more perfect than the last. Each new, real relationship should be getting better than the last, if you have learned from your past mistakes. I’ve had good and bad and the ugly but, they keep leading me to much better each time. I’ve learned not to “help” who I date become “someone”. They need to become someone I want to date.

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