why do your ex try to have sex with you when they have girlfriend ?

okay my ex broke up with me like a year ago butt me and him still have sex .

well recently he got a new girlfriend and he still ask me for sex .

why does he try to sleep with me . when he can sleep with his girlfriend ?

Answer #1

Hes just USING you Hun!

Answer #2

He knows he can have sex with you without you getting attached.

Answer #3

Because he knows you’ll give it to him without having to be in a relationship with you.

Answer #4

Because you let him,as in your being to nice,next time he asks you for sex,simply say no,have sex with your girlfriend,I don’t want you to hurt her like this.

Answer #5

Because he knows he can get some.

Answer #6

Then he’s STUUPID. you should stop giving him some because he’ll think your easy and keep on having sex with you. You should tell him straight up why don’t he have sex with the girlfriend. but if his sex is good you should just do it with him when you are really really really horny, lmfaao^^

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