What healthy snacks can stop my chocolate craving?

I need healthy chocolaty/chocolaty tasting snacks for my choclate craving. Any ideas???

Answer #1

It may sound strange but try this: Go to the cereal isle and buy a box of granola cereal, any kind that sounds good. I like the granola with almonds and no raisins. Then eat it like cereal but use soy milk. Soy milk is sweet and delicious and something about it mixed with granola really cure my snacking/sweet tooth. The crunchiness cures my need for chips and the sweetness cures my need for sweet. It really helps me keep my diet in check.

Answer #2

I’d recommend a chocolate truffle ;) they aren’t health by any means, but they’re about the best tasting chocolates you can find imho.

Answer #3

Try some fat-free sugar-free chocolate jello pudding

Answer #4

Chocolate covered soy nuts! They are so good, and will crave any sweet tooth!

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