how to increase your vertical jumping ability so you can dunk?

I want to know some weight lifting or just exercises to increase my vertical jump so I can touch rim and increase my basketball ability. Please give me some tips or excises on how to achieve my goal.

Answer #1

this may seem weird but it works. start playing volleyball, like for school cause then you have a coach. volleyball is one sport that can improve you on every skill you need in other sports including vertical jumps.

Answer #2

This needs leg strength first, as mentioned before ankle weights would be handy. Jumping is like running, the more you practice the better you get. The good thing about jumping is you can practice on lots of things, stairs boxes etc.

Answer #3

Ankle weights and running, or ankle weights and jumping on a milk crate. Slowly progress with more weight or to something taller, whatever works for you. Also calf raises are good. Go for more reps to increase fast muscle twitch ability, rather that nore weight.

Answer #4

Whenever you jog or run try to bring your knees up close to your stomach/chest…

Answer #5

you need to buy those vertical leap shoes that were on seinfeld :)

Answer #6

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