How to jump higher?

I am 15 years old and 179 cms tall I play basketball and I can touch the board that is my jump is around 285cms high missing tyhe ring by 16 to 17 cms please tell me how to increase the height of my jump in a short time

Answer #1

well I know 1 why 2 gain a quick temporary 3 to 4 inches are weight vest and leg weights wear for a hour then your vert be few inches higher 4 about 10 minutes

Answer #2

well first you need to build up your leg muscles also jumping on the trampoline will help but you need to do leg exerscises and things a lot, lots and lots of practice dont expect to see results right away its not going to happen fast, nothing will it depends on how long you practice building up the muscles for

Answer #3

First of all you cant jump higher in a short amount of time. It will take time and also a little bit of effort. One of the best exercises that you can use is airalert 3. It has a number of exercises that will help your vertical jump. Type it in at google and it will be the second link. Good Luck!

Answer #4

You probably have to do leg exercises like squats, leg presses, lunges, step-ups, etc.

Answer #5

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