High jumping

What is the best way to get really good at high jump? I can jump 5’ 8” now and want to get better!!! Im only going into 11 grade so I need a work out plan to get better at it

Answer #1

thanks…do you high jump?

Answer #2

ok…got a weight lifting work out?

Answer #3

used to but sprinting is wayy more fun for me (: my best hj is 5 but for freshman year and only being 5,5 I tought I did pretty well

Answer #4

5”8’ not bad at all try going at the bar with more of an angle move your mark back slowly also do plyometrics to run faster and jump higher

Answer #5

nice good job…the other two events I do are the 400 and 4x 400

Answer #6

box jumps ! 5 reps of 20 jumps leg lifts and core workouts

Answer #7

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