How to help a child with severe behavior problems?

How to help a child with severe behavior problems?

Answer #1

how old and what exactly is wrong ? message me with your answer

Answer #2

The girl in question is 18, and this problem has been going on for a few years. We are talking binge drinking on a daily basis and hard liquor at that. She has two children and she has more than once smashed her car and been taken to a hospital. If I omit certain details it’s only because i don’t want to betray to much of a confidence she has placed with me. I know what needs to be done, but I need varying opinions and suggestions without her thinking I am judging her to harshly.

Answer #3

nicely and calmly show her what shes doing and how her actions are affecting her kids and her friends and family. It wont fix everything right than, but just keep trying to show her what her actions are doing. She needs to make the decision on her own to stop how shes living. Just give her lots of support, And sometimes for a situation like that to change the person needs to hit rock bottom before they realize they need to change. Not saying that will happen, but me and my family had a similar problem with a really close friend and things had to get alot worse before they got better. Good luck

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