Want to help stop child abuse?

Ok well I’m 13 and I really want to help stop child abuse.how can we as people help stop child abuse is there any websites or anything you know about? Because I was watching a youtube video and there was this one kid he couldnt go to school because his mother wouldnt let him now he is in the 4th grade and he is 17 years old! I really want to help! Is there anything I could do?

Answer #1

I agree with you I hate abuse on kids and also on animals >=[ It makes me sick I think I want to check out that site as well. That’s great that you actually want to try helping out! Good Luck with that hope all goes well

Answer #2

Here’s some organizations and Child Abuse Hotline info : http://www.childhelp.org/resources/helpful-links

Answer #3

hey, does what does that website do if they find an abused child with no physical evidence? SOrry, that was kinda my own question… But I think you should talk to your police department for ways you can help. But seeing how I know how it feels, Some kids HAVE to deal with it and are scared to open up to anyone at all about life Behind The Closed Front Door… I’m even scared to mention the slightest thing that happens at my house

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