Please help child with the flu

My child has the stomach flu I think. Shes 5 what can it be and do I need to worry? She has got sick about three times shes een crying saying her tummy hurts and she feels just alittle warm no fever though! what do you think it could be?

Answer #1

It is always very hard to diagnoise over the phone or computer. you may be missing clues that a doctor would pick up in person. I would give her childrens medicine and lots of fluids or pedilyte. See if her temp breaks, if not go to the doctor. Did she eat anything that could have given her food posioning.

Answer #2

thanks guys for all your great advice I need to know more stuff the pedialyte helped wa giving that to her anyways but she as much better now :)

Answer #3

Rest her stomach til tomorrow morning if she”ll go that long. Then start with teaspoonful of liquid (pedialyte would be best) every 1/2 hour, if she keeps it down for several hrs then progess to every 15 min. Then, after several more hrs try small amts of bland food. Toast, rice, oatmeal—then she can progress as to how she feels. Continue with Pedialyte. If she. Vomits too many more times then have her seen tomorrow–those little guys dehydrate fast.

Answer #4

it is possibly and probley the stomach flu but if your still worried then I would call her doctor sorry I didnt help much!

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