How to dress punk rock?

How to dress punk rock?

Answer #1

“heartagram” the quote is guy1 “what is punk?” guy2 “this is punk kicks over trash can“ guy1 “kicks over trash can Thats punk?” guy2 “no, thats trendy”

and “anti social anti social” I would call Green Day punk, I mean they’re look isn’t really punk anymore and their music has taken a turn towards “rock opera” but they have the attitude, and as much as people call them sell outs, they’re not they’re just some guys that that formed a band and happened to make it big. and also to you, what is the point of saying all that, maybe she just wanted some style tips?

so “poprock4life” here is my tip, dress like you don’t care. and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you have to listen to the music to be punk. punk is an attitude, not a music genre, so get the attitude and the sttyle will just come to you

Answer #2

what type of punk are you? punk is not a fashion its a life. there is hardcore punk like the casualties, bad brains, ect. and there is grudge punk, oi punk, pop punk, you know you just gotta find out the type of music u listen to. basically u want to wear mohawks, liberty spikes, things of that nature. bullet belts, spikes, ect. plaid pants leather coats, military boots (not platforms) tight pants mostly strate legs. wear band tees but not alot wear shirts u made with bands all over them. you should find out the rest

Answer #3

wow hahahah fall out boy is not punk nor is green day ridiculous and disgracefull for sure!! can you even name a punk rock band? a real punk rock band. try listening to some crass or the casualties,or misfits,or the voids, trippen serious all these little kids going to hot topic buying stupid crap that they think is punk try not showering for a couple weeks because you just dont care! try getting trashed everyday for weeks and weeks at a time in parks anywhere cause you dont give a f cause f the system!! try walking up to a police spitting to his feet calling hima pig and oinking at him! try having a view different then others dare to walk alone! idiots!! lol hahaha poprock4life sweetie youll never be punk! little girls thinking avril lavigne is punk bahhahaha please…disgraced and saddened for sure.

Answer #4

if you dress punk you do not have to listen to punk all day because I am punk rock. and, like you wear your hair in a ponytail or down and wear converses or vans that all! do ot wear anything like, capris, barometers, or long skirts. you also would wear spikes and neckales and listen t bands like green day and a little fall you boys and exc.

Answer #5

bangs head on desk you dont dress punk you be punk… unless you want to be a poofter like good charolette and simple plan … best way to desribe punk is by telling this story … there is a punk in the street and another guy guy : how can I be punk, what is punk? punk: kicks trashcan over guy: so if I kicked a bin over I would be punk…? punk: no thats following a trend …

Answer #6

you dont “look” punk, its just the way you are. Making any attempts to fit a preconcieved notion on what a punk looks like, thats not punk.

Answer #7

I think that Punk isnt a look its a state of mind..heehee I have a shirt and a display picture that says that. but if you want my advice wear band tees and bondage pants with your hair in like liberty spikes or mowhawks or if your a girl you can streak your hair with like hott pink,white, black,green,blue like any colour and leather jackets, combat boots, I have a big grey t-shirt with Avenged sevenfold and there logo and GCs with there logo and I luv my Benji on the shirt and I have a spot on there for Mest and there logo once I find one that I can draw on and then fill in with paint.

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