How can I be punk without eye makeup?

well my mom dont actually appove me wearing mascara and eye what do I do..I am and want to be a punk and well I want to dress punk(cause I love them very much)…

Answer #1

Punk has Nothing to do with eye make-up, Im punk, and I dont wear eye makeup, thats dumb, Just listen to the Right bands, what bands do you listen to?

and dress the right way (No eye make-up, dont be Emo or Poser)

and I hope you know Emo and Punk arnet the same

Answer #2

Unfortunately real Punk is a thing of the past. If you truly wanna look punk try this accurate description of what true punk rock looks like.

Answer #3

Just funk up your hair a bit, and wear punkish clothes! You’ll look good. :D

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