How can I turn punk rock?

There is this boy I like ok… actually he’s my ex. I can’t get over him. He’s kind of punk rockish and I’m not. I think that might be why he broke up with me. I want to change not just because of him but because I want to turn punk rockish also. What do I do?

Answer #1

Dear Chey, If you want to change thats great….But do it for you without denial of your motivation for change. Try this..Over the next 2 weeks “pretend”your ex does not exsist. Really make yourself believe this..Carry on your daily life without having ANY contact with your ex, spending time only with friends / family etc… At the end of 2 weeks ask this same question…You may find that you are able to answer it for yourself.Good-luck!! Familycoach

Answer #2

you can’t just turn punk rock, it’s just who you are and how you think. it wasn’t always viewed as a positive thing, it used to not be something people wanted to achieve. it used to just be the way shit was. so just take yer head out of yer bum, be yerself, and get over the guy. if he doesn’t like you for you why would you pretend to be something yer not. cause even then he’s not really liking you.

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