How do I style a punk rock hairstyle on shoulder lenth hair?

I want a punk rock style,but I have no idea how to make one.I have shoulder lenth hair.I hate teasing if that has any thing to do with it.

Answer #1

Okay, the above are kind of emo.

And if you mean emo, I can’t help you. Its all the same anyways. [And punk IS NOT emo]

Google it, FFS. Google images is insane. They will find it. OR- find a pimpass hairdresser. Young, pierced and/or tattooed, and punkish. Tell them to do what they want.

Answer #2

Bangs make you look like a wannabe

Answer #3

Highlight it whit funky colors and sometimes bangs to one side work out…


Answer #4

Okay if you have black hair get a couple blonde highlights and get about 2-3 layers and no any type of bangs they look bad

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