Dressing punk with a school uniform

how do I get through junior high being punk if the school is a uniform school

Answer #1

just use what you have, roll up the sleeves on your shirt (if it’s long sleeved) roll up one pant leg, and wear a long multi colored sock..HAHAHA…and then do your hair as “punk” as you possibly can without looking like a poser :D

Answer #2

simply watch the super HoT!! gerard way (MCR) im not okay music video do as he did use lots of white make-up al over your face. then use with red and black eye make-up, wear a punkyish tie, and gust go crazy dude!

Answer #3

everything that has been said abouve and put loads of groovey badges on your bag. and where cool hair accessories like bows and clips. you can also wear like bright stripey socks. x

Answer #4


Firstly, put safety pins in your bags. Write or decorate your school bag if you can. Patches of punk bands also work.

Paint your nails. Get a crazy haircut. Wear really cool socks or ties. Oh, and wear headphones whenever possible. (But not in class)

Answer #5

adapt your uniform a bit. but basically, the whole idea of a uniform is to get you used to conforming to society…us grown ups have to save our individualism for our personal lives…

Answer #6

HOT TOPIC!!! this is how I punk up my uniform!!! they have the best stuff there

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