How to deal with Severe-Anxiety/Panic Attacks?

I have been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks for about 9 months now, and they only seem to be getting worse. They happen more when I get stressed out (which is a lot) I try to avoid stress now, but, it always somehow finds me. They also happen for no reason. I dont like to go out very much in public, specially not, when Im alone (I hardly ever go anywhere alone) Im a 22yr old female, why is this happening to me? Its causing me so much greif! Headaches, muscle tension, racing heart, chest pain, breathing issues. I do not want to take meds for this, so Im looking for natural cures. I want this to go away once and for all!! Can anybody who has had anxiety simular to this help me with dealing with it?? Thank you :)

Answer #1

depends what is the root of your anxiety really, what exactly, is making you anxious. Is it interaction with other people, is it something else? You might want to look into cognitive behavioural therapy. Apparently it has a very good success rate

Answer #2

Therapy… You not going anywhere alone is reinforcing your beliefs that you being alone is scary. You staying at home is also not helpful. You cannot avoid stress. Stress is part of life. Seek help before you lose the ability to leave your house.

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