how do you tell a pastor

before camp if you have been having regression problems since your moms death

Answer #1

All pastors are different, just as each human is different, some are more approachable than others.

If he is a true man of God, he will be empathetic with whatever you take to him. It is his job, to help you, please, don’t hesitate to talk with him, or his wife, or your youth pastor, about your concerns.

If they somehow fail to take the problem seriously, please come back and share it with us, and we will try to help you thru it.

Answer #2

Pastors hear it all. Don’t be afraid to just directly tell him your faith issues. You can even challenge him if you want. Pastors are people too, and most of them have just as many doubts as the laymen.

Answer #3

Just tell him, tell him you can’t understand why your mom was taken from you and that you”ve been dealing with emotional problems since her death. I’m very sorry for your lose.

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