How do I tell my parents about wicca.

I have been reading about wicca for at least 6 months and I find it beautiful, but I want to tell my parents. My parents are not Christian but im to scared to tell them but I want to tell them. Its confusing but true. Im always worrying about it. Help me.

Answer #1

gossiped: wicca is a religion that is OLDER than christianity, not made up from satanists in the 80’ are talking about a religion that is important to somebody, so do your research before you start saying stuff that will make you look ignorant.

Answer #2

Gaia3 you are my hero! I have been practicing for about a year or so and I still have to tell my parent. My dad could care less about it but my mom is the one I am worried about. Her side of the family is strictly Chathlic and they would disown me if they ever found out. I am planning to tell then when I move out. ^_^

Good luck and Blessed be.

Answer #3

Well, if you’ve been reading up on it then you’ll be well informed to answer any questions they have.

I think the most important thing your parents need to understand is that it is not a satanic religion by any means. Once you get a chance to explain what it’s really about, I’m sure they’ll have no trouble with it.

My sister had to go through this when she became Wiccan, and my parents are devout Christians.

Answer #4

I’ve been practicing Wicca for going on 4 years now. It runs in my family. The best way to tell them is to sit them down and tell them that first of al its not satanic worship, like most of the population thinks it is and go on with more details.

Good luck with it. :)

Answer #5

Its freaking, you’re medeling into something that is a bunch of mumbojumbo that some sadistic freaks made up in like the 80’s or something. If it bothers you so much that you have to tell them just say you’ve found a new relegion or whatever it is and that you’d like their support in you’re dissicons?

Answer #6

Thanks that is really helpful, and I do not think wicca is something that is made up it is something important to me.

Answer #7

what is wicca???

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