How can I go to the Church when my pastor treats me this way?

I’m mad at my pastor and her best friend. They are both 42 years old. Her best friend, who is also a minister in the church and I are supposed to be prayer partners. She became my friend, so I thought, but recently I found out that she has been going back and telling the pastor everything that I say or do. She denies it, but how else does the pastor know the things she does about me? I’m even madder at the pastor because she talks to me and treats me like a child when I am a 34 year old woman. Bottom line: I read the minister her rights the other day and told her I wanted nothing more to do with the church and that her friend was no longer my pastor and that I couldn’t believe that she was a snitch. She never denied doing it this day , her only response was don’t let the enemy (Satan) distract me from doing what I’m supposed to do. She then began to tell me all the things that she has done for me and threw them up in my face saying if she wasn’t a true friend then why would she had done them. I got angry and cussed her out. Now I feel bad. If I go back to the church, I’ll not only have to face her and the pastor (who I know she ran back and told), but I’ll also have to deal with them constantly treating me like a child. I like the church (I’ve been a part of it for almost a year now), and I like the ministries that I’m involved in. What do I do?

Answer #1

Try looking at other churches. There are millions out there that are just waiting for you to join them. These pastors sound like they’ve been abusing their power in the community to gossip about you behind your back, and that is a very unchristian thing to do. The pastors are problably new or do not take their jobs as seriously as they should. Before you leave you need to make absolutely sure that you believe they have been speaking to one another about your personal problems. If you are entirely, without a doubt positive that they did, then you should leave and persuade your family and friends to do so also. Pretty soon, after enough people have left, they’ll catch a clue and change. Good luck!

Answer #2

i would try other churches, you may have a longer trip but if you really do like church then it shouldnt bother you, and not trying to make things worse for you but i dont think cussing out a minister was such a great idea. but if she really did lie to you about being a snitch then im sure god will forgive you.

Answer #3

The Pastor, the minister and yourself are humans, and no matter how much of a christian anyone is, we are all humans, and are not perfect but work towards it.

Like someone else mentioned, you need to forgive them and also you need to humble yourself. I’m not saying you’ve done anything wrong, but just look at wherever you might have done something wrong. If you leave to go to another church, the very first person you meet there is yourself. Think about it !!

Also, you are only responsible for your actions and reactions, as long as you act and react right, leave them to God to take care of :)

Answer #4

Well you should pray for them and forgive them. Never let someone else cause you to sin. God still loves you and wants you to know that. You had to learn a very important lesson and that is you can’t anyone but God. The biggest thing for you to do is to go back and face them in humility led by the Spirit of God. Ask them for forgiveness. You never know what God would do for you if you do this. You will also see a strength in you come out that you never dreamed of. God bless you

Answer #5

Say “ hey im not gonna take this crap anymore so I want a new patner.” Dont take no for an anwser. Maybe thresten to leave the church and tell people how bad it is there. Besides even though im only 15, I probably do the same. I deal with science partner snitches and work snitches and most of the time when the boss or teacher tells me to deal with it I either ditch class or quit my job and find a better acting job or partner. You should do the same with your church,paster,and prayer partner. (prayer partner??? never heard of it. dont worry im a cristian, are u?)

Answer #6

Y’know there are a lot of churches out there. Some churches are so gossipy that all the talking behind people’s backs gets very toxic.

Why not take this as an opportunity to to shop around? If after you cool down you want to go back to this church that is fine. You might find another church that isn’t as gossipy and condescending.

Answer #7

go to a different church or realize that your not going to church for drama your going for god

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