How do you know what God calls you to do?

how do you know what God calls you to do in your life? how do you find out?

Answer #1

You will just have a really strong passion for what he wants you to do. He’ll give you a desire to go after what he wants you to do.

Answer #2

Those whom I meet

Those whom I meet, as Friends I greet, And as a Friend I treat them so; That when in need, or sadly grieved, I may help their Spirits grow.

For unto this world, as a shepherd I came, With a Life that’s not my own; And a purpose plain, that’s not for fame, But to help my friends get home.

So when I hear, upon my ear, The sounds of troubled Souls; I can do no less, then to do my best, To help them toward their goals.

And I know I’ll find, with the passage of time, That I’ve helped their Spirits grow some; And though appreciated, thanks aren’t awaited, For my friends are always welcome.

  God and Reincarnation

I believe that God is a Creative Entity, Energy or Force that is found in a state of awareness outside of the universe and time.

I believe that God chose to morph part of Itself into minute particles of Itself described as entities or spirits and gave them the purpose to go forth and experience, gain knowledge and eventually return into the Oneness of God.

I believe that those collective entities created the universe and, utilizing evolution as a tool, created that that is life so that they could inhabit various bodies in order to gain experience and knowledge.

Prior to incarnating into a physical body the entity chooses what it wants to accomplish and what the probable circumstances involving that body and its environment will be. When the situation is right the entity then begins to dwell within the physical body, probably around the time of its birth.

When the body dies the entity dwells in a state of awareness where it can see whether it met its goals and what gains and losses it may have attached to its being. It then, again, decides what future goals it wants to achieve and reincarnates when the conditions are appropriate.

Ultimately, after incarnating as many times as necessary to attain its goals, the entity gravitates back into the Oneness of God adding to the fulfillment thereof.

I choose

I chose to be born, to live or die, Even the sex, that would be I; I chose the race, from which to appear, Also my wealth, my health and my fear.

I chose my trials and stumbling blocks, And the legs I would use, in all of those walks; I chose my sadness, my joy and my love, I chose to serve and not be above.

I chose this life with all of its dues, And with each dawn, again I choose; The experiences for me that wait ahead, To be alive, or be claimed dead.

And of the future lives I’ve yet, It is my choice that I begat; All the things, however pleasin’, That shall befall me in those seasons.

The above is my opinion which is expounded upon in my treatise A Search For Truth: 

(If it’s not an active link then simply copy and paste it into your browser’s Address box.)


From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #3

You’ll know what is your destiny. You’ll have a feeling, and you’ll be curious and passionate about whatever you’re doing.

Example: Always cared about the Earth and the condition it’s in? Maybe you’d become a Wildlife Conservationist.

Me, I love Animals. I work at the Animal Shelter 1-2x a Week, and am a Vegetarian. I’m all about Animal Rights.

Answer #4

you don’t. hes not gunna call you up and tell you exactly what to do one day. I honestly do not believe in any god but for the sake of everyone who does I would say just listen to your heart and gut and you’ll figure out what your ment to do. (:

Answer #5

Do what ever is available to you at the moment to do, continue to pray and seek God concerning his will. When he has something for you, he will lead you into it. You may have different ideas from time to time, when they come, take each one back to him, and ask him, if this is from him, and if this truly is his will. It is ok to ask for one or more conformations, so that you know you are on the right track, and he will never ask you to do anything that goes against his word. Read it continually, asking him to help you to understand it, the way he meant it to be understood, and also, ask him to help you share it in the right spirit. Then you can ask for him to make opportunities for you to share with people, you can ask for boldness, and courage. He is your father… talk to him.


Answer #6

Trouble is he will never answer. Talk to yourself…

Answer #7

you don’t. becuase he doesn’t. want to know why? because he doesn’t exist. you are wating for nothing, it’s just a waste of your time.

Answer #8

I think God’s phone must be broken. He hasn’t called in what seems like forever.

Answer #9

God has given certain abilitites and interests to individuals. I’m sure emmalism3568 is right in saying that you’ll feel drawn to particular causes and activities - that’s the start! God does not call someone who can’t sing to be an opera star, and He tends not to call tiny people to be professional basketball players…

If I remember you rightly, I think you had some questions earlier about going into counselling - have I got the right Andrew? So if you still feel that way, and are wondering if God wants you to go into it, the first test is to see if other people recognise your ability. If people come to you when they need to talk, then you have that skill. A teacher or pastor might also be able to tell you if that’s the sort of skill you have.

Then, throughout our lives, God calls us to use those talents in different ways. You might begin by training as a counsellor, but later move into other, possibly related areas depending on the time of your life and how God wants to use you. I’ve been a class teacher, a press-relations volunteer for a charity and a dyslexia tutor at different times in my life.

So if you feel like doing something, first check if it’s OK with God’s will in the Bible. If it’s not, then God isn’t calling you to do it, no matter how much it feels like it! Then pray, pray, pray. Read the Bible, because I believe God will speak to you through it, drawing your attention to particular verses which are relevant. Pray more! Ask other people if they can pray for you and confirm what you suspect to be your calling. If they agree, then you’ve probably found it!

But also, sometimes God gives us perfectly equal choices and lets us make up our own minds. Sometimes there is one ‘calling’ and you have to find it out. Sometimes, though, there are several good things you could do and God will be able to use you through any of them. So, if you feel as though God is perfectly happy with any of your choices, then you’re being called to make up your own mind on that one!

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