bible know how God apparently created the universe?

I just have one quick question about christianity. well, I haven’t really read the bible in a long time (I’m not a christian, but I like to learn about different religions because for some reason I think they are interesting) and I’m not quite sure about what I’m asking. but, how did the person that wrote the bible know how God apparently created the universe with the 7 days and Adam and Eve when the only time I recall God talking was when he gave the 10 Commandments?

Answer #1

Sir when he created the universe sir after he created adam and eve he talked with them and walked with them in the garden of edan . And everything that was written was pasted down and written for generations so that we know what God did and said back then

Answer #2

Nothing in the bible can be taken seriously. especially in the infallible way that some Christians use it.

You have to remember that the bible has been in circulation for thousands of years and over those millenia it has been (inevitably) edited, censored and changed by whomever had power over the faith at the time.

Answer #3

I don’t think Jesus had anything to do with the creation… You see, before there was Jesus, there was the Old Testament., which is what the Jews use as their religious text. In this is the book of Genesis, which deals with the creation.

To answer you exact question on how they knew it, I don’t know, but I would agree with vvpres09 and that he spoke directly to the prophets.

Answer #4

remember god had a son called jesus. most of gods work was told by his son. you should read more and all shall be revealed in time.

Answer #5

All scripture is God breathed.

It comes thru the power of the Spirit, thru inspiration.

It comes to those who are devout and believe.

They preserved it, sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

They handed it down, from generation to generation, and they held it in high esteem.

Many have lost their lives over the generations of time, for trying to preserve scripture.

When the manuscripts were put together, to form the bible, they had to be agreed upon, by the holy men, of that generation.

Multitudes today, trust in their accuracy.

Multitudes are devoted to them.

Jesus was present at the creation.

Gen. 1:26-27 Let us make man, in OUR image.

John 1:1-3 Jesus was there at creation, and he is the Word, made flesh.

Answer #6

Well its a known thing A long time ago the profet jesus was still alive and god spoke to him he told him what to do and chose him to be the prophet because he is a honest and kind guy he cares for people and knows what is right and wrong if you are interested in religion its a good start. religion is very important in life who created us other then god? who moves the wind who makes the earth quakes this is all gods doings .. its true the bible wouldnt lie to you neither the quarn the muslim religion book sort of like a bible . God is there for any one who needs them he cares he helps and you must fear him because if you do not fear him and if you die a non believer you are bound to go to hell. nothing is more scarier then death so you must beleive in the rights of god because after all he created us.

Answer #7

TRANSLATION: Some dude(s) wrote down a few historical documents, then embellished uncontrollably…

Answer #8

God spake through prophets in the days of old just as he does today.

Answer #9

I just have to laugh at modern creationists who take Genesis literally. Even the ancient Jews who wrote it knew it was a symbolic myth.

Biblical inerancy doctrine is an absurd heresy supported by nothing but faith induced credulity.

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