Do you know any sites talking about God ?

Do you know any sites talking about God and helping you understand him better or even any books? Also do you know any sites with written prayers that I could say?

Answer #1

You should start to begin Learning in the 2nd comming of the Lord. The sign of his prophesy is getting close do to wars and natural disasters

Best place to find out the things to come is

beware the antichrist

Answer #2 (it mite be .com) it has a lot of good prayers for every day of tha year and has a little story with them too

Answer #3

I have read the bible but there is just parts that I wish I could understand better

Answer #4

Speak to a pastor or preacher, or whatever you call him within your religion. It’s better to hear the question from a real live person, face to face, than to squander ideas from online. Most of the time, the ideas online are much different than real ideas in person.

Answer #5

the bible its the whole storie

each and eveery one lol from frount to end its a great book

Answer #6

Go to google and type in “understanding the Bible” or “understanding God’s word” or something like that.

Answer #7
Answer #8

when im trying to learn more about christ whitch were called to do I try to read the bible as if it is a true play and as if your there and by relating what I read toards nowday situations and learning from those I hope this helps and ill be prayin for u

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