What do I call a classmate with this atitude?

A classmate was talking shit about me that aren’t true and in the end he said “You’re an ateist,you don’t belive in god,everyone here belives in god,you suck” First of all not everyone belives in god in the class Now I know my rights and where he is wrong and I apsolutely realize his ..stupidity?or ignorance? Yes,I can beat his racist dumbass to death and he’ll swollow his teeth.But I want to know what are those people called that make fun or discriminate people that don’t belive what they belive or don’t share the same colture.I can belive what I choose to belive and what it makes sense to me. Give me a good answer! Thank you!

Answer #1

. Personally, I just call people like that: “bigots”.
. However, there is additionally a neologism that deals specifically with the prejudice aspect of both inter-faith bigotry and that between theists/deists and atheists. . That comparatively new word is “religism”, though I would tend to avoid using it in casual conversation until such time as it is more widely recognised. . http://funadvice.com/r/bnneuhjs3rl .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

I’ll just call him a blockhead then.

Answer #3

“Unfortunately, the English language does not have a widely accepted word to refer to bigotry based on religion.” How unlucky can I be hahahah

Answer #4

“ Blockhead “ is fine, but I would be inclined to call him something rather more offensive: however, the range of suitable alternatives is too long to list.

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