How can you know that you are God's instrument?

how will you know that you are god’s instrument?IAM EVANGELIST and I know how god called me, but a friend of my ask me this quetion and I want to know your view.but remember that there are so many waysthat the lord can call u

Answer #1

I believe He reveals it to you through the Holy Spirit (who dwells within) internally in your spirit/soul - hard to explain, you just ‘know’…Take care !!

Answer #2

You’re right - there are so many ways. We need to be sure that our own feelings and opinions match God’s word in the Bible. If what we ‘feel’ God wants us to do is Biblical, and if it is confirmed to us by the Holy Spirit as we pray alone and with other people, then I think we can be confident it is God’s will for us.

Answer #3

It would take a called person, or a fool, to stand up to an unbelieving world, and declare Gods truths.

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