Why is everyone else hitting puberty and not me?

I’m 13 and every1 else has ginourmous boobs and their periodes! I haven’t even stated growing boobs yet and most people started when they were 9!! Will I start to hit puberty soon, and will being a late bloomer make me flat chested 4 the rest of my life!!!

Answer #1

everyone hits pubert sometime it depends on your body..if your not ready your not ganna get it…truust me enjoy the time you have without it because the hole puberty, period thing isnt to fun…

Answer #2

your probably never going to hit puberty.

Answer #3

ummm well everyone is different. I didnt till I was 12 1/2 so your most likely not that far off. ummm I cant tell you whether you will or not because like I said, everyones different, but I highly doubt you will be “flat chested”, unlesss your mom is then I cant say much else except what you get is what you get.

hope I helped!

Answer #4

everyone hits puberty at different times. just count yourself lucky that you don’t have your period yet, 13 is when I hit it so, be patient. it will come. and when it does you’ll wish it didn’t pimples, mood swings it deff. not all its cracked up to be.

Answer #5

I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m 15 now and I didn’t hit puberty til last year. being a late bloomer won’t make you flat chested.

Answer #6

Everyone is different I know a 17 year old that finally got her period

Answer #7

thanx :)

Answer #8

As the above said, Everyone is different. I don’t see much about having your Period, and “ginourmous” boob’s that’s Great.

Enjoy the time you have before you get horrible cramps.

Good luck. :|

Answer #9

but for some people yuodont even get cramps, i dont :) and you can prevent pimples. It’s not bad besides having your period gets really annoying.

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