How do I no if im pregnent HELP please :'( ?

Right basicly over the last year my periods been really messed up due to hormonal imbalence but the last 3 months my period has sorted em self out the gyno said she dont think I need to see her any more etc.. me and my partner been trying for a baby since april lst year and ovb we had no luck but like I said my periods sorted em self out and now im 10 days late on my period I took a test this morning with my first wee of the day but the test came up positive straight away and then slowly my positive line went and it wasnt even within like 3 mins of after my test am I pregnant or not? it was only a cheap test but I need to no it been a year nearly im desprate!!! :’(

Answer #1

One way to find out for sure if you are pregnant or not, is to go to your Dr. and tell them you think you may be pregnant and you need to have your blood drawn, to find out for sure! Bloodtests never lie!

Answer #2

okay thank you both very much! :) x

Answer #3

If your periods r eregular or get a pregancy test or go to the doctor

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