How do I know if I have social anxiety disorder or just shyness?

How do I know if I have social anxiety disorder or its just shyness?

Answer #1

Oh yea and if someone ever does look at you weird or laugh at you and you feel embarrassed, just shrug it off, being embarrassed never killed anyone you know? Thats how I try to look at it, other peoples view on me should’nt change my view on me.

Answer #2

What the person up there said. But also, I think one way to tell is if you can successfully overcome it yourself. Try to make yourself be a little more outgoing than usual little bits at a time. If this is too hard for you and you feel like your are just totally going to die at the thought of it and the whole thing discourages you because you just can’t do it, you might have a problem. I’ve been talking with my doctor about it, my fear is that people will think I’m dumb or not cool. One of his exercises was to intentionally say something wrong or goof up and see what happens. So I did. People aren’t as critical as you might think they are. Whats the worst that could happen? People will most likely respond better to you if you just put yourself out there.

Answer #3

Like Sue had said, SAD involves fear, apprehension and worry…

We’re not doctors and even so it isnt hugely professional to diagnose people online, you may want to talk to a specialist (councellor, psychologist, psychiatrist) for a proper diagnosis…

If it is interferring with your life or seems excessive you may want to get help, anxiety disorders can get worse over time, and they are hard to self diagnose…

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