How can I beat my social anxiety?

I read ur profile and i find u the best to ask my question. Please help i think i am suffering from social anxiety. I am 24 yr. old. And i think i am quite old. I always get scared from crowd.Whenever i go for the interviews i get scared for nothing. i always know that the interviewer will ask same general questions but i fear for nothing. My heart beat goes up, my palms got wet and i feel very nervous all the time. NOw i feel very low. I don’t have any aim in my life. Could you please help me for this.

Answer #1

I am actually going to the psychiatrist now to deal with my anxiety… you just have to just kinda pretend everyone else around you doesnt exist… easier said then done I know… im waitin on my meds… lol… like the person above said… its nothin to be ashamed of…

Answer #2

It sounds like anxiety attacks and panic attacks , I went to the doctor for feeling the same way and they put me on medicine and it really helps a lot . And it is nothing to be ashamed of at all , you just might be overloaded or troubled a little about things you can’t change anyway .
Talk to your doctor just like you were brave enough to ask us .

I’m proud of you for asking us and opening up , a Big Step

Answer #3

I remember getting very nervous/anxious doing speeches while in college. The only thing I did was practice a lot. If you think about it too much, it’ll get to you.

Answer #4

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