do I have an anxiety disorder?

I am constantly worried and nervous. I find it hard to sit still when I start to feel anxious. and whenever I feel nervous there is absolutely no reason to be. and the worst part is my face turns red when I feel this way! in class my two good friends sit in front of me and whenever they turn around I get extremely nervous and my face turns red! this just started over the past few days. what do I do???

Answer #1

I have anxiety and depression promblems the best thing that you should do is go to the doctor and tell him/her whats going on thats what I did and now I feel so much better

Answer #2

yea it sounds like you guys probably have an anxiety disorder im like that I get nervous 4 everything and I was diagnose with it and it really suxs I hate it

Answer #3

could be generalized anxiety disorder, really hard to diagnose online though, you really have to see a mental health practioner for a diagnosis

Answer #4

ah its terrible. my face aaalllwwaaays goes red suddenly and I was kind of a more outgoingish person a few days ago!… the weirdest thing!!!

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