Do I have social anxiety disorder?

i am going to a therapist soon. but i get nervous in public and sweat (bad) and when a teacher calls me or i go thru a test it gets worse.. i am always nervous but idk what i am so anxious about.

Answer #1

Ask the therapist when you see him/her…

Answer #2

She’s right, there’s a reason why you’re going to the therapist and that’s because he/she will give you a proper diagnosis and give you medication that will help keep your condition under control.

Answer #3

Ask the therapist…

When diagnosing a disorder, one gets more information than just the two sentences you provided. For example, when one says they are always anxious, that is more indicative of a generalized anxiety disorder, while getting nervous in public or when called upon to act in a social situation is more indicative of social phobia. So, from your two sentences, one couldnt make a diagnosis anyhow…

Answer #4

but, am i to young to take medication for such a big thing i mean i am only 14.

Answer #5

No, people take meds at all ages for a million things. That’s just life.

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