How can I stop being so emotional?

I’ve had some bad experiences in the past 3-4 years and im not as strong (emotionally) as I used to be now I cry at nething that upsets me because I feel that something so liitle can break me so easily now and I hate feeling like that and I just wish there was something that I could do to not feel so emotional and become upset all the time

Answer #1

Everybody goes through times like that if they have bad experiences its normal all i can say is rather than crying think to yourself “is this all i can do?”

if you feel like your going to cry take yourself off somewhere in your room or something just to get some space

put on a movie or read so your pre ocupied 2 even consider getting upset

Answer #2

it’s better then haveing non like I was

Answer #3

I agree with freud99, we all have our moment of ups and downs and i can empathise with you because that is exactly what i am going through right now. The only difference between you and i is that i know why i f eel like that, it’s because i had been through an extremley bad childhood.

Going through what i had left me vulnerable, depressed in a cold and dark place and very emotional, there were times when i would start crying at the most pointless reasons, but i realised that i cried at times as such because of all the emotion that was built up inside me, and im assuming this might be the case with you too.

If you can talk to a counsellor or psychologist it will do you alot of good and possibly resolve your situation and identify the causes that trigger this emotion to burst at such times. Talking to someone seriously makes a difference because your letting your emotion out with words rather than tears or anger and it makes a difference because you know that you are telling that individual because that individual is there to listen, to help and because they care.

If you want to talk about anything, you can funmail me, thats what im here for.

Hope that was helpful enough.

Answer #4

being emotional is not bad.. it means you have a heart. You wouldn’t want to be upset all the time.. is not healthy. but i can tell you that i have the same problem. I cry easily for some reason and i try my best to hold it but still tears manage to come out.. its crazy. But i found a trick to it.. LAUGH!! it works. When i get into fights with my bf, usually he blames me for little stuff but i don’t think is fair and before i used to cry, but now i laugh and it upsets him more, leading me to victory. usually at the end i do this dramatic scene and prove my point with tears because he does not like to see me cry. but when i don’t i laugh or hold my lips real tight so i look really mad.. or just walk away. Try.. the more you practice it the easily it will become. Its more like an act but do not wish to be angry all the time i think that is worse

Answer #5

You’re not alone in that feeling! I think we all go through that at times during life, even though it’s not fun or enjoyable, you can still get help. I’m a big fan for psychotherapy as a first line of treatment–talking to a therapist/counselor can help you a great deal with these issues. Dealing with a trained professional can make a huge difference–even when you think it’s impossible. We all have things that make us more vulnerable and it’s not always a safe or comfortable feeling. I wish I could give you some advice that would make things better in a snap, but there just isn’t any. Hopefully you can find a mental health professional you feel safe and comfortable talking with. Take care and post if you have any other questions. :-) -S

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