How can I make myself more pretty if I have a birthmark?

Okay soo… I have this birthmark righttt on my forehead and its seriously annoying caus everyone asks & makes fun of it. it really brings down my self esteem and I wanna bring it up but I dont feel pretty at alll! im just so awkward now. what can I do? im 5”2 dark red hair, green eyes, glasses and a stupid birthmark. how can I make myself feel pretty? :l if I try and cover it up with powder its just way to noticible… and I cant afford lazer surgery :l ahh help ;(

Answer #1

maybe try covering it up with concealer first and then a poweder over the top if it looks too noticable having poweder in one spot use a foundation on your whole face and then use powder over it maybe? otherwise maybe attract attention to your other features like your eyes by using mascara, make-up ect

Answer #2

go to web sites that shows you how to cover up blimishes including birthmarks step by step and it will teach you how to apply it and pretty and I seen your picture and your beautiful

Answer #3

try the concealer and use it on your whole face. you’ll still be able to see it, but only slightly. you are VERY pretty. try not to let it get to your head. everyone has things about them they don’t like. and yours isn’t as bad as most so keep your chin up and walk around with pride=]

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