How can I make myself pretty?

I know this was a long time, but when I got rude comments on saying I’m ugly and such. I kinda couldn’t get it out of my head, so how could I look pretty?

Answer #1

All you need to do is smile. a smile is the best accessary!! (did I spell that right?)

Answer #2

u shouldn’t let peole get into your head if they talk about you that mean they are insecure about them selves. and no hm you look very pretty don’t let no one put you down

Answer #3

I don’t think you are ugly at all. The only thing I would suggest to you (if you’re old enough) is just tweeze your eyebrows a little to draw attention to your eyes, b/c they’re quite pretty.

Answer #4

Hey, You are NOT ugly…I don’t who would tell you that… they have issues :) Just try wearing some makeup…cover girl, mac, etc. But you are pretty either way…

Answer #5

ok lol

  1. try putting on your make up differently ( if you do wear make up. )
  2. fixing your hair in styles that help to show off your facial structure also can help infisise your looks!! &&& 3)dont really listen to peoples critisisms , I’ve been told im ugly by many a peopl in my life . but in a why I do rememeber it and I think thats what has drove me to taking more care of myself.. but sweety its ok to look like how God made you. and when you get older you will probably be a wonderful beauty!!
Answer #6

sweety your beautiful, I used to get picked on about being “bo legged” and stupid stuff like that when I was in middle school. now im 20 and I get so many compliments on my legs. I would cry and stuff but now I am so pleased with my image. because of who I am. I could sit here and preach to you about being yourself but make up and other things are fun. foundation is great it covers anything bad, along with bronzer! my fav : ) just try some things like that and play around one day doing different things, maybe you should try a side swep bang your hair is very pretty though.

Answer #7

use different kind of items in your hair, my favourite is a hanky- clean! / or piece or cute material/ribbon tied around a bun.

another thing is, but a cheap pot of white shimmer for your eyes, and dab a bit in the corners of your eyes, it will make you look brighter, and draw attention, but not to much, to your eyes! when I see this on anyone, I always think they look pretty, and most of the time, you can’t even tell that they are wearing the shimmer!

Answer #8

You should not listen or believe people that say you are ugly. If they are taking the time out of there day to call you ugly they are the ones with the issues and not you! This society needs to learn that what matters the most is your heart. I recommend first loving yourself. Then you can start working on your image.

Lets see…….If I wanted to improve my image, I find one part of your body that I like the most. (I.e. I could like my elbows). Then I would find one part of my body I could make improvements on with out hurting myself. If I wanted better skin I would research the internet. In my experience, the cheapest way to improve a person’s skin is drinking lots of water. There is a lot of information on the web to help you come up with cheap ideas to improve your body image. When I am satisfied with my skin I pick another section I can improve. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your appearance. Please remember that even the prettiest people considered in today’s society can be considered ugly because of their hearts.
Answer #9

Anyone who calls someone ugly to their face is a jerk.The number one thing I find beautiful when I see a person is confidence. Someone who is confident (not cocky, BIG difference) is really attractive. Also someone that is nice. You have really nice hair, so I think you should bring that out more. Try putting it up in different ways. This one accessory I really like are those headbands that have cloth around them and they extend out like ribbons on the bottom which you tie with your pony tail, thats a really classy and young look.

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