How would I go about getting treated for bi-polar depression without any medical insurance?

I’m not for sure if I have it or not, but I know that from what I learned in my Psychology class I seem to match some of the symptoms: Mood swings, inspired ideas at times, and depressing lows, lack of sleep, fatigue, and abnormal sleep habits, etc. I would say that I’m just being lazy at times and am depressed because I have some depressing stuff going on in my life right now, but sometimes I just snap out of it and have ideas about starting a YouTube Channel and creating my own cartoon like Family Guy or something and I get really excited and into it for awhile, then I give up for no reason just like I started for no reason. Also, sometimes the lows aren’t just sad lows; sometimes I get crazy sad/angry.
The whole problem is that I don’t have insurance to pay for me to go get checked out and putting psycho medical bills on credit cards and putting myself into debt would make me more stressed out and depressed (which would be redundant). I’ve ignored this for awhile and only see it as a problem during the lows, but it is a problem. Does anyone have any serious suggestions?

Answer #1

Maybe you could go to the Wellness Center at your school? They should be able to help you.

Answer #2

How old are you? Do you qualify for any government insurances such as medicaid? If not, you can always try free clinics and boys and girls hotline numbers. Many of them can offer help with these types of things and have psychiatrist who work with them.

Answer #3

I’m 19, and pretty sure my community college doesn’t have a Wellness Center. I don’t know if I’d qualify for medicaid, I would assume not though.

Answer #4

Maybe it’s not called a Wellness Center but I’m pretty sure that your college has something similar to it.

Answer #5

Alright, first thing they taught us was dont self diagnose. People in med school will find vague symptoms that relate to them and think they’re suffering from a physical illness and people studying psychology do the same thing. It is common. We all do it. You just have to realize that you cant self diagnose. Also you do know bi-polar depression isnt actually a disorder. Either you’ve got bipolar disorder or have some sort of depressive disorder. I dont see how going to a therapist to get an initial diagnosis is going to add psycho medical bills. An independent counselor will cost from $50-$120, a psychologist from $110-$200, and a psychiatrist from $250-$500. However, there are low cost community places that will do it on a sliding scale, which means you could pay between $5 and $20 per session. You just have to do a search of community mental health in your area.

Answer #6

hello i have bi-polar as well and i know its tough . i have found that a very inexpensive medicine called depacote used to treat seizers is the best by far….. check into the only other thing i find that helps and may sound like a joke but weed works well

Answer #7

You think using a hallucinogen is a good cure for treating bipolar disorder? Someone who is high risk (i.e someone with a mental disorder)can easily become psychotic using hallucinogenic dr.ugs. I really wouldnt go around advocating something in an area you’ve got no training in.

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