What will make my 9 month old sleep better?

Can anyone tell me anyways to get my 9 month old to sleep better? I know he is getting plenty to eat cause I give him baby cereal before bed, in the morning, and 2 four ounce jars of baby food a day the nutritonist told me to feed him like that. but he still dont sleep. Also do you geys think he could just be spoiled. my husband walks with him a lot. plse give me some advice.

Answer #1

When my son was a baby, a friend (who is also a doctor) told me to try chamomile tea.. here’s the directions

  1. make a cup of chamomile tea
  2. put one ounce into the baby bottle
  3. fill the other seven ounces with water
  4. drop in either a peppermint candy or 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of sugar
    also try the bath and bed routine, all of these things are helpful. if all else fails… you may be right, maybe he’s spoiled, try the bath and into bed, if he cries,let him cry for up to ten minutes then go comfort him (try to keep him in the crib while comforting him) if you repeat this several times he’ll get tired. Don’t give up something will work, you just got to find something that’s going to work for you and the baby!! Good Luck
Answer #2

I have a 8 month old neice, she feeds before bed and eventully gets tired and falls asleep. you should bottle feed or nurse before bed. it always works. Hope I helped!! Lily :]

Answer #3

I give my son a bath everynight be4 bed then feed him a lil cereal then give him oragel for his teeth then he sleeps from 7 till 6

Answer #4

It is always hard to to get that age to sleep. Like said above play with them through out the day and keep them up, so they will crash at night time. Also try putting him to bed at the same time every night., eventually he will get on a schedule and automatically will start feeling sleep around that time. Also if your gonna try feeding him to sleep, try milk before bedtime instead of cereal. Make sure he is wrapped up tight because it makes them feel like they are being held and safe.

Answer #5

If I FEED my son before bed, he wont sleep. He’ll get a tummy ache and he wont be able to sleep. A bottle of formula suffices and helps him conk out. :) He’s 10 months old, so not that much older than yours. Maybe try not feeding him food before bed?

Answer #6

Simple answer: Don’t. Don’t make him sleep if he’s not tired. Exhaust him, then he’ll sleep.

At least, that what my mom did with me.

Answer #7

thanks everyone for all your answers I will try all of them!

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