4 month not sleeping all night/ no sleep routine in the day

I have a 4 month old baby, that eat’s 5 7oz bottles a day, her bedtime routine is the same almost everynight, she has a bath a 8:30 then a bottle at 9:00 and is usually asleep by 10:00pm. She use to sleep through the night. Now she wakes up at 12:00 and wont go back to sleep until I rock her back, it usually takes an hour, then she wakes back up between 3:00 and 4:00 for her first bottle and will go back sleep on and off until she wakes for good at 7:30- 8:00am, She is not on a regular routine through the day. Any ideas on how her sleep routine should be through the day and most of all How can I get her to sleep again through the night??

Answer #1

I agree with mandyloo. You need to get her on a schedule during the day for the night to go better. When my kids were that little they had one or two naps during the day…the first would be in the morning and the second in the afternoon. I never let them sleep past 2. Before bed they would get a bottle plus rice cereal mixed with breast milk/formula. They would sleep from 9 till 7:30, every night. My oldest is the only one that had problems sleeping and I got to the point where if I picked him up things would only get worse, so I used to pat his back or belly till he would go back to sleep…picking her up only encourages her to get up more.

Answer #2

she should be sleeping during day & what mandy said about cereal is a great idea but try giving it to her around 4ish so its not to heavy on her little tunmmy, then a little play then give her a bath, get her tired after her meal, then a baby massage, then more milk & try putting her to sleep earlier than 8.30 like 7.30 & see how that goes, plus when she does wake up for no reason just let her whine on her own as she may go back to sleep knowing your not going to give her milk.

during the day, do the same routine of the night, she may also just be a hungry baby & milk is not enough for her anymore, so maybe try her on a small light meal during the day for lunch & that will keep her satisfied & sleep rather than cat nap!!

all the best, tell me how she goes!!

but you will

Answer #3

Her not having a sleep routine during the day if definatly affecting how she sleeps at night. I have a 6 month old currently (he’ll be 6 months on the 8th). I used to have the same problem, but I had to put his WHOLE day into a routine and you would be suprised at how much his behaviour, sleeping patterns, and other things have improved.

You need to make up your own personal routine that works with your baby though. All babies are different and it would be hard for me to give you a routine. Whatever you decide though make sure it’s right for “your” baby and you continue with the routine daily to give them comfort and let them know what is going on.

For example: Here’s my son’s routine:

-Wake up at 8am and eat 8oz Formula and 1 Jar baby food -Play in his jumper for 1 hour (this lets me get things done in the morning) -Watch Seasme Street for 1 hour and play on the floor -Snack time - 4oz Formula 2 tsp. Cereal. -Nap time - 11am - 12-1 pm. -More time in his jumper (he loves the thing) about an hour -Food time - 6 ounces 1 jar of baby food, 2 tsp cereal -Tummy Time until cranky and tired of it -Sitting up time (he just learned how to sit up and loves it) for about an hour -Playing with Mommy and Daddy Time or watching Yo Gabba Gabba -Bath Time (usually around 8 pm). -Food time: 6 ounces, 1 jar of baby food, 2 tsp cereal. -Bed time - 9 o clock.

Also, your baby is 4 months old, have you tried her on cereal or 1st stage baby foods yet. I know my doctor started Noah on Cereal, Oatmeal, and 1st Stage baby foods at 4 months and it made a huge difference in his sleeping patterns.

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