How do I get my 2 year old son to sleep through the night?

It seems like I have tried everything. He wakes up every night. He hasn’t slept through the night since he was 10 months old.

Answer #1

Explain what happens when he wakes up. You are probably reinforcing something accidentally.

Answer #2

lol mine is 4 and still doesnt some nights he wakes up thirsty or haveing to use the bathroom, so when you figure that out let me know…

Answer #3

How many naps is having? Also, if he is napping, how long? At the place where I work, we reduced the child’s nap time because he, too, was getting up in the middle of the night. We have him sleeping about an hour and a half max, and he’s 19 months old. No naps after 3:30pm, either. That’s the latest he can sleep, and when he does sleep that long, usually he’s awake until 8:30pm-9pm. Changing sleep patterns can help children a LOT.

Answer #4

Omg We have the same issue here, he takes a nap @ around 3:30 but is then up to 2:am refusing to sleep, and if I turn off the lights & tv he just continues non stop. Another tired morning.

Answer #5

Limit his naos and how many times he naps a day. Feed him something very filling at dinner time and give him a good snack at night. not sugar stuff. Read him a book to relax him and make sure her getting a lot of exercise during the day. Take him outside as much as possible after his afternoon nap. Its never easy or there is no right answer Im sure your doing the best you can. good luck. Good news is eventually he will. lol

Answer #6

Music helped me sleep when I was that age.

Answer #7

We took Our two year old son to the doctor yesterday and well the doctor said not to let him nap to late and then give him benadril at 9:00 until he gets back into his sleeping pattern, and shure enough he slept good the whole night and woke up 7:00, they need 9 hrs of sleep, but I’d still check with your doctor though. Hope this helps!

Answer #8

thank you :)

Answer #9

im lucky if he does take a nap and if he does he sleeps anywhere from 30 mins-2 hrs.

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