How much rice cereal should I give my 4 month old in his bottle?

I talked to my doctor about giving my 4 month old son rice cereal in his bottle and he told me I should give him 2 1/2 tablespoons every 5 oz bottle feeding. But that just seems like its too much to give him. He just starts screaming a lot after the rice expands. Now hes not the average 4 month old baby. He was 6 weeks early when he was born. Well now his cousins both also reacted this way towards rice cereal at this age as well. They both had tummy aches when it came to rice cereal. I was giving my son oatmeal cereal due to thats what my my niece and nephew were able to eat. But my 4 month old has acid reflux as well did my nephew. I was told by his doctor that I shouldnt give him oatmeal cereal as this could cause him to have an allergy to oatmeal later on in life. He cant have regular formula. He has to have a hypoallergenic formula. What should I do?

Answer #1

Try giving it to him from a bowl and spoon and keep his bottle with just his formula. Give him a few bites and then let him have his regular bottle. My kids doctor always said not to put cereal in their bottleā€¦use a spoon that way they get used to it faster.

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