What do I say to convince my dad to let me dye my hair black

What do I say to convince my dad to let me dye my hair black and get a punkish hair cut (and still not tell him im going punk.)

Answer #1

Explain to him that just because you have a “punkish haircut” DOESN’T make you a punk. If anyone thinks that, then they’re a poser. Your hairstyle DOESN’T MATTER. Have it however you want to.

Answer #2

Tell your dad that if you want to dye your hair black and get it cut, tell him that you won’t turn out to be a punk. If other people think you’ll turn into a punk, well, that’s them. You do whatever you want to do with your hair.

Answer #3

Yeah I agree its your own hair and tell him its your own hair! :)

Answer #4

just tell him you want some change and that your not going punk!!

Answer #5

ya I agree 2

Answer #6


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