How to convince my parents to let me dye my hair...

I’m 16 and want to dye my hair brown. Just once. My stepmom says it will fry my hair and make it fall out, but my hair is very healthy and I just want to dye it once. How can I convince her?

Answer #1

well first I asked my mom to let me die my hair she said ok , But my stepdad said no so I put red die in my hair myself they didnt like it but they couldnt do any thing about it.

Answer #2

one time dying it won’t make it fall out. what color is your hair naturally? is it just something where she doesn’t think it would look good on you? because then there are all sorts of sites that let you upload your picture and try out different colors of hair. show her one of those? if it really is she thinks your hair will fall out, take her to a salon or something and get a professional’s opinion.

Answer #3

For the first time just do semi-permanent to see how you like it, semi does absolutely NO damage to your hair and fades rather quickly. So just give her that information and just tell her you’ll do semi-permanent first to see how you like it. I took hair styling classes, hair dye doesn’t ‘fry’ your hair, heat does. If someone dyes their hair too much it will start to fall out because it weakens it, but that’s only if someone starts dying their hair like every month. You need to give her the facts because it doesn’t sound like she knows what she’s talking about.

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