Hawaii boy hates the cold

Going from hawaii to chicago for two months how cold will it be?

Answer #1

Think about all the fun you can have with snow, snowboarding and etc, and convince yourself that it’ll be fine. That shouldn’t be too hard if you really try.

Answer #2

I’ve been to both places. You will be cold. Dress in layers. Borrow a heavy coat. But, enjoy the experience and hope for at least some snow - a REAL rarity in Hawaii. But do not try fresh pineapple in Chicago or elsewhere on the mainland - it is sh*t compared to in Hawaii.

(How I LOVED the scuba diving in Hawaii.) Enjoy, and Good Luck!!

Answer #3

prolyl reallycold its 40 today and might snow this weekend but who knows the weather is always changing it was just like 60 two days ago…

Answer #4

You never know here. We are supposed to have snow this next week, but then they are predicting it could get up to sixty again this month. Most likely it will be a lot colder then you would like but for us it may not be so bad lol definatley pack for every possible weather scenario

Answer #5

You’ll hate it…

Watch the movie ‘’Cool Runnings’’ to prepare yourself.

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