Are there a lot of shark attacks in Hawaii?

Shark attacks in Hawaii I want to go into the ocean and I will but my brother wont he will do ANYTHING but go into the water there and were going for summer break and I dont want to go alone into the water.

Answer #1

Tiger sharks are one of three main shark species known to attack humans, and are responsible for most shark attacks in Hawaii. Only about three shark attacks occur per year in Hawaii and few shark attacks are fatal. The Hawaii shark attack rate is surprisingly low considering thethousands of people who swim, surf and dive in Hawaiian waters every day. I found this and thought you would like to read it

Answer #2

Sharks can, will and do attack in shallow water. I don’t blame your brother. Just because it hasn’t happened much, doesn’t mean it wont happen to him.

Answer #3

I lived in Hawaii for 9 months and was often in the water Scuba diving. I saw a shark once about 30 yards away, and never heard of an attack while I was there. Not many attacks in clear water, and Hawaii had the clearest water I have ever been in. (I’ve swum in the Aegean sea (Greece), the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii and Calif.), the Atlantic (Va., N.C., FL) and the Caribbean (Fl. Keys).) You both will be fine. BUT ALWAYS go swimming with a buddy. That way simple things (like a leg cramp) don’t become a problem.

Answer #4

bargain brat is a coward. just tell him to get his butt in the water.

Answer #5

I’m sure y’all will be fine… Shark attacks are rare and usually in deeper water

Answer #6

yes you will die

Answer #7

yes there is lots of attacks in Hawaii.when my dad was there there was 20 attacks in 1 week

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