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Inspiring Vacations is proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated with our head office located in Melbourne.

Our three co-owners have nearly 40 years’ experience combined in the travel industry. All our staff, from customer service and product, to finance and IT, are as passionate about travelling as you are – we love what we do and we’re eager to get you out into the world.

Whether you want to explore the art and history found in Europe, the natural landscapes of Canada and the US, culturally-rich Asia, or close to home, the rugged beauty of Australia and New Zealand – we have a tour to suit, all at an unbeatable, value-for-money price.

Our team also go on our tours regularly – we discover first-hand what works, what doesn’t, what can be done better. Our team are more than happy to share their own experience with you, too – there’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect tour (or two) for you.

Inspiring Vacations is 100% Australian owned and operated. We have partnered with a world wide network of local travel experts to bring you culturally unique and delightfully unforgettable tours & travel packages to the world's favourite destinations at a value for money price.

From the sweeping deserts of Arizona, to the pristine beaches of Hawaii and the unforgettable nightlife of Las Vegas, the United States is a land of extremes. It’s home to hollywood glitz and the storied wild west. A place of thriving innovation and cultural diversity. Visitors to the sprawling country will come for the famous sights and stay for the hidden gems.

Traverse the US and you’ll uncover something different in each of its 50 states. The north is rich in stunning scenery and biodiversity, the east hosts New York City and many quaint colonial towns, the south is the beating country heart, while the famed west coast is home to California’s star-studded streets. Then, there’s spectacular Alaska, almost otherworldly in its rugged beauty and remoteness. The US astounds and excites at every turn.

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