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Hi, in mid feb I'm going to poland for a week with some people in my 6th form and from the lower school I need advice on what to pack, a list would be great! I'm going for a week and the average temp. Is -6c


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-6C = 21.2 Farenheit

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In Poland (I'm not sure if this information is accurate. I read it off of a website.) you are not allowed to wear spaghetti straps or shorts inside churches, so steer away from that. besides, it will be too cold to wear those anyway. I suggest you wear jeans, sweaters, tees, etc. just make sure you bring a warm winter coat too! if you have boot (or any other comfortable shoes) that would be helpful because you will probably be doing a lot of walking.

Oh, in case you're not familiar with how cold -6C converts to 21F

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