Has anyone been to Hawaii?

im going to hawaii and my brother (younger) is scared to go into the water because and wont go to the beach but that is why we are going is the water really knowen 4 shark attaks?

Answer #1

I spent 9 months there, including a lot of SCUBA diving off the island of Oahu (the one with Honolulu.) During that time in about 40 dives I saw 1 shark in the distance. Even though we knew that most shark species do NOT attack humans, we decided to play it safe and left the water for an hour. Historically, shark attacks are VERY rare, especially considering that over 7 million people a year go in the water. There are several common sense rules to keep in mind, including — do not swim alone, do not swim at dusk, do swim in guarded areas. You will have a LOT of fun there. Tons to do and see. Enjoy. (I’m very jealous.) Good Luck.

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