Would Las Vegas or Hawaii be good honeymoon resorts?

I was just wondering, would Las Vegas or Hawaii be good Honeymoon resorts? I’m just wondering so, if I end up getting married someday, I’d like to go to one of those vacation spots. I’m single right now so I don’t want anyone to think that I ‘m planning for a wedding. So, I’m only asking this particular question so, in case it happens in the future.

Answer #1

ahah! dont even consider Las Vegas! You honestly want to consider late nights and excessive amounts of booze in Sin City a honeymoon? Hawaii: its relaxing and paradise. Sin City is a world thats fake.

Answer #2

ahahaha… I’d choose hawaii over las vegas if I were you… just because I love the tropics… and I’ve had family and friends who got robbed at vegas!! =P

but for me… I’d choose rome!! - just because I heard from a lot of friends… that it’s a romatic place to be =)

Answer #3

if your a romantis person go to hawaii mowii but if your a fun out going person go to l.a.

Answer #4

captainassassin is right, there are much, much better places to go for a honeymoon. Las Vegas is not what it used to be, and Hawaii has gotten outrageously expensive and crowded.

If you’re looking for something nice and tropical, but a little more off the beaten path, try Belize in Central America, or better yet Madagascar. If you’re looking for something closer to the US, try Banff National Park in Canada, or Saba Island in the Carribean.

Answer #5

I would recommend that you find somewhere more original.

Answer #6

I would choose Hawaii.

Answer #7

I agree with stephanief987

Answer #8

I’d never go to Las Vegas for a honey moon - it would mostly end up a bad start to a marriage because you’d both be broke after all the gambling and such. Go somewhere more relaxing that you can look back and have no regrets.

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