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Should I believe in God?

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I've never been to church in my life before I dated this guy Michael. (well... actually I went after homecoming with my friends)

but anyways... my boyfriend wanted to take me to church. and this is like.. 10 months ago. anyways. I went... and I liked it... I loved going to church.. but I didnt believe in god... everything seemed so far fetched...

I dont believe that were are children of god. but I dont know if we came from monkeys...

its all biological. I dont believe everything happens for a reason...

and like... I've read questions like "im pregant at 14... what do I do" and people will say "god put that baby on the world for a reason"

pssh. no he didnt. its biological. sperm reaches an egg... what does that have to do with god?

and if everyone was put here by god. there wouldnt be artificial insemination.


so im Athiest. and have been my whole life... but now im dating another christian dude... how can people believe that theres a heaven and hell?

where the hell are they?

there clouds.. then there space.. millions of millions of miles of space... no one knows whats beyond it... but I dont believe theres heaven. then wheres hell?

if there was a god. there wouldnt be cancer. unless he loves to see us cry when we lose someone.

should I believe in god?

somthing tells me im going to need to be tied up to a chair in a closet with a priest shoving bible stuff down my throat... I just dont understand...

please help me.. I have no idea whats going to happen with me..

should I believe?