Answer #1

Everyone,Watch your langauge,there are Children aboard,Please!.

The minimum age on this site is 13; so if there ARE any children aboard, they’re violating the rules, and their accounts will be deleted.

Answer #2

Everyone,Watch your langauge,there are Children aboard,Please!.Now,yes Men and Women can be Dogs as we all put it so aburptly,but it’s in are nature to wan’t Love but it has gotten out of hand as you are all aware of,both have responsibilitys to do what is right and if that doesn’t work move on to other pastors of Men and Women:Keep the Faith and stay HEALTHY!.

Answer #3

…for the same reasons women cheat… because they think they can get away with it or because they simply don’t care anymore.

Answer #4

We are big dumb horny fvcks.

jk. Cheating is a rare occurrence due to the feeling of a slight whole in a persons heart, some feel they lack something thats necessary to live, and try to use adventurous secretive sex behind a persons back to feel better about themselves.

In my opinion its a psychological problem. Try to fill their void.

BTW this IS sexist…

Answer #5

Like it or not, it’s instinctive.

Humans are not lifelong monogomous by nature. By nature, we are serially monogomous, but men are less so than women.

It follows form game theory that it should be this way. It’s costs women much more to have a child than it costs men to have one.

Answer #6

Yes it is.

Answer #7

It’s not the fault of men. Its the fault of women while choosing the men. I am a man, but I never thought of cheating anyone… How can you ask a question so generic? Pls be specific about the man who cheated upon u. There must be some reason… and only he is not responsible for this. You cannot clap with a single hand.

Answer #8

you need to realise that women can and DO cheat just as much as men

Answer #9

Women cheat aswell you know…this question is slighty sexist.

Answer #10

they’re too horny.

Answer #11

because there big dumb f*cks!!!

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