Christian men, should they act or think like non-christian men.

Should a christian man act like a non-christian man, wanting a girlfriend. Eventhough it has been explained to him that christians live by the complete word of god. That attitude is inappropriate. This christian seem to think that I should try it his way and not care what anybody has to say. He’s divorced, but I am not yet. I’ve been seperated for many years though. This christian man think he and I should go every where together, be seen together all the time, and have frequent visits to my place.(my home). Can anybody give me helpful advice? I would be grateful e. C.

Answer #1

Should a christian man act like a non-christian man, wanting a girlfriend.

There’s nothing non-christian about having a girlfriend…

Answer #2

Thats very normail behaviour… maybe you believe very strongly… but who know… this relationship could end up as something positive =]

Answer #3

It sounds like you’re letting religion get in the way of what could be a real relationship.

So long as you hold that point of view, you’re going to be a very lonely person.

Answer #4

It depends on what they want a girlfriend for?

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